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Site Owner FAQs

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What types of locations will WiFiHub be available?

eircom WiFiHub will mostly be available in Cafés, restaurants, hair salons, community centres and any other urban location where consumers spend time. WiFi is proven to be used most where people sit and dwell for a while to either check updates on news, social media, news or watch an episode of a soap that they missed.

What does the installation involve?

The installation involves, a telephone (PSTN line), broadband DSL, some cabling if required, and a wireless WiFi modem which will need to be connected to the telephone line socket and a power source. Separately eircom will install appropriate WiFiHub signage in the site

How long will it take to install?

It will roughly take 8 weeks from the time you apply online to completing the installation process.

How do I get one for my business?

You need to go to the partner application page and apply by completing the form as outlined.

Do I need to give out vouchers to customers?

No, the user experience is all entirely online and access to WiFiHub is managed by the user themselves, with no need for your staff to intervene at all.

How does the user pay eircom?

Users who need to pay after 10 minutes will pay mostly via premium SMS, but an option to pay by credit card is also available.

What signage will you put up to tell customers about WiFi?

eircom will erect various different WiFiHub signs in places agreed by you to tell customers about the availability of WiFi.

What happens if it stops working?

eircom will proactively monitor the service across all sites and will recognise sites that stop working. Site owners can also call 1890 564 002 and log a fault with the WiFiHub hotspot fault desk.

Will the WiFiHub hotspot be available across all my site?

eircom will position the WiFiHub modem in the best place in the site to get best coverage for your customers.

Is this going to affect any of my lines into my business?

No, this is a separate and new telephone/PSTN line into your business that eircom will own. It will not appear on any of your bills and eircom will maintain it as its own.

Where can I get further information on WiFihub hotspots?

You can get it by emailing and the team will contact you directly.

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