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Safeguard your PC with eircom broadband

eircom have teamed up with the world's leading PC protection company, Norton from Symantec, to bring you eSecurity, a comprehensive internet security package.

The service is available exclusively to eircom broadband customers for just €3.97 per month, with the first 3 months subscription FREE - that's a saving of over 35%*.

Stop Online dangers

Stop online dangers without sacrificing performance with fast, light protection for your PC and personal data.

Fast and light on your PC with rock solid prorection against:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Dangerous downloads
  • Infected websites
  • Online identify theft
  • Three month free trial and no fixed contract

Is this product right for me?
Cybercrime and online fraud is everywhere. Fake emails, phishing scams and hidden malware on popular sites are all used by cybercriminals in order to steal your data and money.

Norton Internet Security 2011 provides award-winning protection against these types of threats, whilst at the same time staying fast and light on your PC, so you can enjoy complete all-in-one protection that won't slow you down.**

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* This discount is measured against the Manufacturer's Recommended Price for Norton Internet Security and relates to the first year's eircom eSecurity subscription, including the 3 months FREE offer.