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Dial-up (Narrowband) Support Department

If you need to contact eircom net regarding:

  • Your dial-up internet connection.

  • Your e-mail account.

  • Retrieving/changing your password.

  • ISDN.

  • Pop e-mail account.

  • Homepage or tilda sites.

  • Any other technical queries.

Please search for your query here:

eircom net Customer Support:

Alternatively, eircom net Dial-up Support can be contacted as follows:

*Note: Before calling our Dial-up Support department, please have your computer ready and make a note of the error message that appears on screen (if any). Please also have your account details to hand as they may be requested during the call.

All dial-up packages:

1530 277 100
Calls from the eircom network are charged 34c per minute. Call charges from other networks may be higher.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Sunday

8:00am - 10:00pm